April 27 / Dylan / Minutes
Actions Completed Checked in on site updates to make sure everything was accounted for Reviewed what everyone had drafted, making edits to individual slides to make sure the arguments flowed well. Also made sure context was being provided for each argument presented. Adjusted a few of the visual elements. Assigned Tasks Dylan: Send out When2Meet on Saturday to find a time for rehearsing Everyone: Practice slides to make sure you are ready.
April 20 / Dylan / Minutes
Actions Completed Discussed the site updates Discussed powerpoint topics/outline/plan Created template of powerpoint Assigned Tasks Topic Posts (Completed by today / nearly done) Sam: Dividing chapter 9 related info to chapter 8 and 10 posts Synella: Writing chapter 10 post Dylan: Writing chapter 8 post Adam: Outline initial ideas of powerpoint Presentation Ming: Slides 1⁄2 (Summary & Outline) Adam: Slide 7 (Surveillance) Synella: Slide 5 (Online Responsibility) Sam: Slide 4 (Maker’s Intent) Dylan: Slide 6 (Trust in Autonomous items)
April 08 / Dylan / Minutes
Actions Completed Caught up with one another on the show Listed topics up to Tuesday. Discussed which were relevant (All but IP) Divvy’d Tasks for Tuesday Assigned Tasks Topic Posts Take the topic from class and the relevant chapter from the book. Talk about how it relates to the movie as much as possible, critically looking at what the movie may be trying to say, and the implications of what it has to present.