April 10 / Ming / Topics
Privacy in Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation The TV series Black Mirror covers different topics in each episode, including security, data science and robotics. Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation, which is the last episode of this TV series, talks about a controversial topic — privacy. After the extinction of bees, the government in the episode invented autonomous bees, named Autonomous Drone Insects (ADIs), to mimic the behavior of bees and act as pollinators across the UK.
April 09 / Sam / Intent
Intent Behind Black Mirror Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, is a series of variable length television episodes exploring the darker side of society’s connections with technology. Each episode is independent of the others, set in the “alternative present or near future”, with a different story and intent. Brooker describes the “black mirror” referenced to in the title as “the one you’ll find on every wall, on every desk, in the palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone”.
April 08 / Dylan / Topics
As we covered in class, and the text, Intellectual Property is mostly concerned with ownership of a creation/idea - be it through Copyright, Patents, or Trade Secret. In our movie, the matter at hand is a crisis in social media coupled with cybercrime, privacy, and freedom of speech. As such, this topic is not truly relevant to Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation, as the conflict pursued by the film centers on these other issues it finds more pressing.
April 08 / / Plot Timeline
Setting Starting May 15th in the not-so-distant future (perhaps 50ish years), the episode spans a couple of days following a police detective and her sidekick in London. The two are searching to solve a string of murders seemingly related to Social Media. Synopsis. Key characters: Karin Parke: Police detective, DCI Blue Colson: Shadowing Parke, used to work for “tech crime” Shaun Li: NCA officer Rasmus Sjolberg: Head of the ADI program at Granular (company).
April 08 / / Tech List
Smart Home (Karin’s Apartment): Timestamps: 00:00, 05:00 Description: Her apartment features a keypad lock on the front door, lights that turn on as she walks by, and a remote control that can open the blinds as well as turn on other off-screen devices. Category: Existing, perhaps as of the last few years especially. Realistic: Some of this tech exists today and is making its way into the home. For example, this NYTimes article covers some of the ways the items Karin does in her apartment can be done and more (like voice assistants, or using your phone instead of a remote).