Integration Tests with Karate


Karate is a framework run integration or contract tests, helping deliver code with confidence holistically.

Creating a Discord Bot in Rust


Quarantine has lead to some oddities to pass the time, and this post is no different. I created a Discord Bot in Rust, hosted on my Raspberry Pi. It's purpose? To shrug. This is the way

Storing Data with ETags (in Go)


What if there were no cookies? Be it paranoid users clearing their browsing data, increasingly stringent cookie policies, or lack of cookie persistence (see WebView) we could realistically find ourselves here. As a result, we'll need a new way to persist some data, one of which I'd like to demonstrate today: ETags.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi - Headless


This one is more or less straight to the point. We're going to setup a fresh raspberry pi in a headless state. It's fairly easy if you keep your wits about you.