Upgrading to WSL2


WSL2 comes with a performance and feature perks over the old system, including choice of Linux flavor and a different virtualization strategy. If for no other reason, though, it was simply time for an upgrade.

Previewing Markdown in the Terminal


Here's a little trick - previewing Markdown in your terminal.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi - Headless


This one is more or less straight to the point. We're going to setup a fresh raspberry pi in a headless state. It's fairly easy if you keep your wits about you.

NodeJS Environment Profiles


Switching configuration between production and development can be tedious and error prone. Fed up with the constant back and forth, I searched for a better solution.

How to Setup ZSH


Having not been satisfied with the autocompletion bash provides, and curious what alternative shells had to offer, I found ZSH.

Using Cmder, Mintty, & ZSH on Windows


Originally Shared as a Gist. ZSH setup on Windows, minus the input funny business. We'll use mintty emulated by cygwin running on cmder.