Initial Meeting

Actions Completed

  1. Caught up with one another on the show
  2. Listed topics up to Tuesday.
    • Discussed which were relevant (All but IP)
  3. Divvy’d Tasks for Tuesday

Assigned Tasks

Topic Posts

Take the topic from class and the relevant chapter from the book. Talk about how it relates to the movie as much as possible, critically looking at what the movie may be trying to say, and the implications of what it has to present. Please write your section in a markdown doc here’s a cheatsheet to help you out.

  • Synella: Freedom of Speech (Chp 3)
  • Adam: Crime (Chp 7)
  • Ming: Privacy (Chp 5 & 6)

Maker’s Intent (Sam)

Discussion on Movie Maker’s Intent for the episode regarding computing. What was he trying to say? - Look at interviews, screen writers, producers, etc.

Misc (Dylan)

  • Format the notes into a plot timeline
  • Create a list of tech in the movie:
    • Categorize: Old, current, exiting, fictional, in research, similar, dates (not mutually exclusive…)
    • Is it realistically portrayed? Look at news/journals/etc from 2016 to see if any related tech is in development.
    • Use the class tech timeline, fill in gaps.
    • Compare older and newer movies (Wikipedia may have some starters)
  • Explain why the IP section is not relevant
  • Format site if you have time.

Next meeting

  • Synella will make a W2M.
  • Will try to meet before Tuesday once more to circle back.
Written by:Dylan